Daily maintenance of glossy ring gauge


The common type of thread plug ring gauge is a kind of joint thread commonly used in common thread thick teeth. When the diameter is the same, the thread pitch of fine teeth thread is smaller than that of coarse teeth thread. The thread pitch and tooth shape of coarse teeth thread in non-thread sealed pipe connection without thread pitch are smaller. Its size code is in, which is approximately equal to the hole diameter of pipe. The diameter of the thread should be found in the relevant standards. The code R denotes the conical external thread, the Rc denotes the conical internal thread, and the Rp denotes the two kinds of drive threads commonly used in the cylindrical internal thread sealing trapezoidal thread plug ring gauge. The trapezoidal thread can transmit two-way power. The sawtooth thread is used to transfer the drawing method of the unidirectional power sawtooth thread connection. Threaded plug ring gauge is made of ball bearing steel or high strength aluminium alloy. It has high hardness, wear resistance, stable and reliable size, and is assisted by color anodic oxidation surface treatment. It has beautiful appearance and is light and convenient. Steel for special wear-resistant measuring tool of thread plug ring gauge. Quenching and grinding NO and NOGO clearly indicate that the tolerance at both ends of plug gauge is H6, which meets the German DIN7162 quality production standard. Threaded plug ring gauge is a tool for measuring the correctness of internal thread size. It can be divided into three types: common thick teeth, fine teeth and pipe thread. The thread plug gauge under 100mm is tapered handle plug gauge, and the smooth surface plug gauge over 100mm is double handle plug gauge. Thread plug ring gauge is used for comprehensive inspection of internal thread and external thread. Rule of Service Belt for Screw Plug Ring Gauge Inspection: In the Thread Code, there are tables of service belt forces and service values of various diameters distributed along the threaded teeth. Most skilled workers in China believe that the threaded profile should fall within the limits of the service belt regulated by the threading code and that the quality of threads should not be titled. When the thread quality of the pass product was found to be very poor, they were at a loss and did not know where the title was. In practice, thread is a complex geometry, which has many technical parameters. Assuming that the control thread is in quality (using the service belt criterion), it is necessary to measure the parameters of the thread, which requires a lot of time and high cost of detection.

The difference between thread plug gauge and thread ring gauge:

1. Thread plug gauge: used for measuring internal threads.

2. Thread ring gauge: used for measuring external threads.

1. Thread plug gauge is a tool for measuring the correctness of internal thread size. This plug gauge can be divided into three types: common coarse teeth, fine teeth and pipe threads. Thread plug gauges with pitch of 0.35 mm or small, 2-level accuracy and accuracy higher than 2-level, and 3-level accuracy with pitch of 0.8 mm or small have no end probes. The thread plug gauge under 100mm is tapered handle thread plug gauge. The plug gauge with double handle thread is more than 100mm. Inspection function: The size of thread plug is supposed to be the big solid tooth shape of the tested thread. The thread plug gauge inspects whether the action diameter of the tested thread exceeds the medium diameter of its big solid tooth shape. The thread plug gauge also inspects whether the actual size of the bottom diameter exceeds its large solid size.

2. Ring gauge, also known as correction ring gauge, is a kind of ring with specific size and attributes used to correct the shortcomings of measuring instruments. Ring gauges can be divided into: glossy ring gauges, also known as halo gauges, threaded ring gauges, parallel thread ring gauges, etc. according to the use and manufacturing standards can be divided into: standard ring gauges, SK standard ring gauges, German standard ring gauges, pipe ring gauges, etc. according to the different manufacturing materials can also be different from ceramic ring gauges and metal ring gauges. The ring gauge is not used independently. It is usually used together with measuring instruments.

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