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Trapezoidal thread plug ring gauge

Trapezoidal thread plug ring gauge

Trapezoidal Thread Plug Ring Gauge (Tr) is mainly used in transmission (feed and lift) and position adjustment devices, and has been widely used in the mechanical industry. In general, the tolerance of trapezoidal threads is based on the tolerance system of metric common threads. There is no separate tolerance value for the single parameters such as thread generation (pitch) and side angle. Therefore, the trapezoidal threads are not suitable for precision transmission threads with higher requirements for transmission accuracy. Precision transmission trapezoidal threads should be supplemented with specified individual parameter tolerances on the basis of general trapezoidal threads standards.

Product introduction:

Single parameter tolerance of grain.

Thread plug gauge accuracy 8H 9H

Thread ring gauge accuracy 8h 8e 8c-9h 9E 9C


Tr10*3 or Tr10*2

Tr 12*3 or Tr 12*2

Tr14*3 or Tr14*2

Tr16*4 or Tr16*2

Tr18*4  or Tr18*2

Tr20*4 or Tr20*2

Tr22*5 or  Tr22*3

Tr24*5  or Tr24*3

Tr26*5 or Tr26*3

Tr28*5 or Tr28*3

Tr30*6  or Tr30*3

Tr32*6 or Tr32*3

Tr34*6 or Tr34*3

Tr36*6 or Tr36*3

Ellipsis to

Tr300*24  or  Tr300*12

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